Congrats! Your Gazelle account is almost ready to use. The following items should be complete: 


What's Next?

  1. Test Out Your Scheduler: Create a test appointment to experience what your clients will see. Learn more →
  2. Adjust Your Service List: The words you use to present services to clients is important. Learn more →
  3. Promote Your Online Scheduling: Start talking about your self-scheduling everywhere! Here are easy & effective ways to edit your website and get started.  Learn more →

Begin Sending Automated Reminders

  1. Review What Your Reminders Say: Preview all of your reminder email templates and make any text edits you see fit. Learn more →
  2. Assign Clients to a LifeCycle: Introduce your clients to automated reminders and then assign them to a LifeCycle.  Learn more →  

Still Have Questions?

Search for answers at or live chat with our staff in the web-app.  

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