When clients are self-scheduling their appointment you have the option of displaying the price + time for each service or hiding the price and only displaying the time estimated needed to complete the service. 

To change this setting go to Settings > Scheduling Policies > Edit - or - simply click here 

Next click on the  "Service List" tab and look for the "Price Visibility Policy". Click "Change Policy" to customize your settings. 


Why Would I Hide My Prices?

This is a great question. It really depends on your philosophy as a business and how customers engage with your online content. Here are some good reasons to hide your prices:

  1. You handle the pricing discussion on your website before the scheduling process is started. 
  2. You are the highest priced company in your area and you don't want people to price shop you before you have the chance to engage them. 
  3. You have lots of Grandfathered clients who do not pay your current going rate and you don't want them to get sticker shock.
  4. People are buying your value and not your price. Price isn't an issue. 

When Should I Display My Prices?

  1. You don't want any chance for confusion about what services folks are purchasing and how much it costs. 
  2. You have limited time via personal or digital content to sell'explain your services and pricing structure to your clients. 
  3. You just want a no hassle way of doing things
  4. You have always done it that way, it works for you and you don't see the need to change. 
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