We will use the Waco Texas Stake as an example:

Step 1: Create a client record for the "Waco Texas Stake"

Inside this client, we will store individual "contact records" for the Stake President, the Stake Secretary (who is usually your billing contact), and anyone else at the Stake who you need to contact for various reasons. 

  • The Stake President is usually the Default Contact who is over the piano maintenance for all the Wards and Branches.  
  • The Stake Secretary is usually your Billing Default Contact who you will send all your invoices to. 
  • The Third Contact is usually another support staffer whose role involves occasionally communicating with you on misc needs.
  • Because NO PIANOS exist at the Stake Headquarters, we will not put any pianos on this client file. Go to Step 2 for this. 

Step 2: Create a separate client record for each of the Ward's or Branches you service

  • The Ward's Bishop is usually the Default Contact who helps schedule the onsite work. (NOTE: Branch Leaders are called Presidents, not Bishops)
  • The Ward's Secretary is usually the Secondary Contact who serves as the facilities manager who will let you in. 
  • The Ward may have a volunteer who will be a Third Contact who shows up just to let you into the building.
  • List ALL PIANOS at this location on this client file


Step 2a: Repeat Step 2 for each of the Wards and Branches you Service


Step 3: Invoicing the LDS Church

When invoicing the church, create an invoice for each Ward lising the service you completed on each piano. Then use the "Alternate Billing" option on the invoice and find the "LDS - Waco Texas Stake" client. Then you can send the invoice directly to the Stake Billing Default Contact instead of the contacts at the local Ward.

What if my Stake President wants me to aggregate all the Ward's piano service onto a single invoice?

Gazelle does not aggregate invoices between clients yet. But this feature is on our development list. However, in the meantime, you can easily create an invoice by hand using Quickbooks or a word document and then link it to all the individual invoices in Gazelle so that the Stake president can reference each individual invoice. Just open the invoice and look at the very bottom of the screen for the "Private Link". This is the link to the invoice you will need to paste into the invoice you send the stake. 

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