The "Client file" is the central focus of Gazelle. Clients can be either a "Residential Customer" or a "Company" like a church or institution. To make it a "Company" file simply edit the file and add a company name, otherwise, the client file is assumed to be a residential client. 

Clients files store all the information about the client in one central location so you can easily see Default and Secondary Contacts, Pianos, Estimates, Condition Reports, Invoices, Appointments, LifeCycle Reminders, and Timeline Logs associated with this client record. 

Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses

In Gazelle, the Address, Phone(s) and Email(s) belong to a "Contact of the Client" not the "Client". For single residential clients, this is pretty straight forward. However, for Company's with multiple contacts, this is needed because some Institutions the piano(s) are located at one address, but the corporate headquarters are somewhere entirely different. 

Default vs. Secondary Contacts

The "Default" Contact is always displayed first and should be the person who is responsible for scheduling the piano. For a "Company" the address of the "Default Contact" should be the location of the pianos. The Smart Scheduler will use this information to geolocate each appointment. 

The "Secondary" Contacts usually play a supporting role to the "Default Contact" and are displayed below the "Default" Contact. You can click each secondary contact to view their details. 

Should Secondary Contacts all have the same address?

In most cases, yes this will your life easier and your data more accurate. However, there are cases when these should be different. 

For Example - LDS Churches are structured such that the people managing the pianos are usually located at a different address/phone than the physical address of the pianos they are servicing. In this case, the "Default Contact" address/phone/email will the person who is going to let you into the building but the "Billing Default Contact" will be the person at the LDS Stake Headquarters who is cutting the check. 

Another example is "Grand Parents" - If Grandma gives the piano to their daughter but wants to continue to pay for it's service, then the daughter will be the "Default Contact" at one address/phone/email and the Grandmother will be the "Billing Contact" at an entirely different address. 

Can Different Contacts Share an Address?

Yes, if the "Husband" is the Default Contact and the "Wife" is the secondary, then they will have the same address. NOTE: In our existing UI you will need to manually add the "Wife's" address so it matches the Husbands, but this is something on our development schedule to improve. Over the past few years, we have had a number of folks point out that in cases where every contact (like at a church) shares the same phone number/address it is redundant to manually enter all this information by hand. Thank you for your feedback, we will be improving this workflow in the future. 

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