Here is an easy checklist to ensure you are CASL Compliant:


  1. Do I have all my "Expressed Consent" Customers on their own LifeCycle?
    > Create a New LifeCycle and Add Clients
  2. Do I have all my "Implied Consent" Customers on a separate LifeCylce?
    > Create a New LifeCycle and Add Clients
  3. Are my "Prospect Client" auto messages set to stop sending after 6 months?
    > Edit the prospect LifeCycle state
  4. Are my "Piano Due for Tuning State(s)" set to stop sending after 2 years?
    > Edit the piano lifecycle states 


  1. Is all company information in Gazelle up to date?
    > Edit my Company Profile in Gazelle
  2. Am I including a link to my contact info in every text message?
    > Use to generate a free shortened URL that you can include in all your text messages. Link to your 'Contact Us' page on your website.  
  3. Am I including a link to my contact info in the "SMS Default Reply" Text Message Auto Responder?

Unsubscribe Mechanism 

  1. Do I have a link to my unsubscribe mechanism in all my emails? If not, do I indicate that the customer can "Reply with the word 'Unsubscribe' to be removed from our mailing list"?

    > Create an "Unsubscribe" form on my website
    > Use to generate a "shortened URL"
    > Hyperlink the URL in the body of all emails using a Gazelle Merge Code
    > For Text Messages Only - paste the link into the body of the text message. 

Double Check - Did you update all your Gazelle Emails/Text Messages?

  1. All your active LifeCycles State templates? (each state can have up to 2 emails and a text message template to edit).
  2. All One-Off Email Templates? (there are 8 Total One-Off emails)
  3. All your Canned Message Templates? (You need to edit every template)
  4. Your text message "SMS Default Reply"? (only if you have texting enabled)  

Outside Gazelle Emails

Remember, CASL applies to all the email you send, even outside Gazelle. So consider what steps you need to take to protect yourself from liability. 

Verify All Text Messages Look Like This

Click Here To learn how to make SMS Text Messages CASL Compliant

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