Creating an invoice is great for your records, and the best place to record services performed on each piano at that days appointment. 

Steps to Create a New Invoice

You can add a new invoice from the "Invoice" tab, or from within the client record under the invoice box

  1. Optional: set an alternate billing and contact information if desired
  2. Optional: Change invoice date or due date if needed.
  3. Click "Add Items" and select the piano you are creating an invoice for. Adding a "MISC" service will not link it to that piano's service history record

Add the service, type of charge, quantity, price, and tax information. The services you list here are what will be recorded to the history under that piano record. 

Hit "Save & New" to add more service items to that piano or "Save & Close" if no other services were performed

NOTE: Most of our invoice details are default from your settings. Go to your "Settings → Company Profile" to update your default invoice settings. 

After all the service have been entered, add any additional notes you have (this is on top of your default message determined in settings), and enter payment information if the client made payment that day. 

Email the Invoice

Once you have entered in all of the invoice details, the last step is to email the invoice to your client. You will also be able to select the alternate billing email address if one was entered

Once you have tagged services to a piano in an invoice, Gazelle will record this on the client's timeline and within the piano record. You can always add other service history notes manually or edit the invoice later if needed. 

If you have not already, your next step is to complete the appointment for this client.

And now you don't have to worry about this client again! With LifeCycle reminders setup, Gazelle will start sending out automatic reminders once their piano is due again. That's it!

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