Searching for Clients

From anywhere within the mobile app, swipe right at the top bar or select the 3 bar button in the footer to pull up the app menu. 

*screenshot of where to swipe right at the top and the bottom menu button*

Click the Client tab and search for the client record within the search bar.
Select the client record you would like to view or edit

*screenshot of client tab with "Sally" in the search box and an arrow selecting the "ACME Community Church" test file*

Viewing and Editing Client Details

From the client dashboard, you will be able to see an overview of that client record. 

*screenshot of what the mobile client dashboard looks like*

The ">" arrow throughout the client record indicates that more information can be viewed by selecting that box. The "edit box" throughout the client record indicates the information in the box can be edited by selection. 

*screenshot of where those little icons are*

And that's a wrap! 

If you are needing more help, see below for further instructions on other common actions with client records

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Adding a secondary contact →
Editing a client records' LifeCycle Reminders →

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