Creating a Scheduling Rule Set in Gazelle is like telling Gazelle when you are and are not willing to be booked. Gazelle uses this information to optimize your schedule. 

How to Add or Edit Scheduling Rule Sets

Go to Settings → Scheduling Policies box → Select "Edit"

Under the "Availability" Tab you will find a list of all your scheduling rule sets. You can edit an existing rule set or add a new rule set. 

Each rule set has a "Start Date" and an optional "End Date". Best practice is to make your default rule set open-ended, and give any temporary rule sets (e.g. vacations) both a Start and End Date. 

Adding a New Scheduling Rule Set

Select the "Add Rule Set" button at the bottom of your last existing scheduling rule set. Define this rule set name (e.g. Christmas Break), add the location, and add a start/end date. 

Hit Save.

Select "Add Work Day Configuration" to define which days you are available for scheduling. 

  1. Choose the day(s) you are available to be scheduled 
  2. Choose the times you want to work that day
  3. Choose your preferred appointment times for a completely open day with no existing appointments

If you are defining different scheduling times for different days, you will need to only check one set of days, and then select "Add Work Day Configuration" after saving to setup different scheduling times for additional work days. The grayed out days are the days you already have scheduling rules for.

Verifying Your Rule Sets

Gazelle uses the Start and End Dates to analyze which rule set is in play on any given day. In order to verify that the right rule set is in play look for the "Your Schedule" button. You will be given a calendar displaying which rule sets Gazelle is obeying on any given day. 

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