There are three different types of users in Gazelle: administrator, technician, and assistant.  Users can be edited under Settings (see image below). Each has its own unique restrictions to allow you to secure access to your client database.

Administrator Permissions

A user with the "admin" role has access to everything with no restrictions.  Admin users by default are also "Field Technicians" who have full access to the entire program. They can see and modify all clients, pianos, appointments, estimates, invoices, condition reports, etc.  Admin users can also see and modify all settings, change billing settings, view everyone's calendars, schedule appointments for other technicians, and add or remove users.  

Variations on Admin Permissions: 

There are two variations for Admins. 1. Has Limited Access and 2. Cannot be scheduled as a field technician. 

Limited Access Admins count as an extra user because they can still be scheduled as a field technician (a good example of this is a user who is the head technician who has additional responsibility in the company but who is NOT the owner of the company). The Limitations for this user include:

  1. Prevents the user from exporting data
  2. Prevents the user from modifying other users
  3. Prevents the user from changing the billing information
  4. Prevents the user from changing company-wide settings

Admins who cannot be scheduled:

For Administrators who are owners/co-owners of the company - BUT - who are not field technicians, you will want to remove the ability for this administrator to be scheduled. Because extra users are billed per "schedulable field technician" admins who are not schedulable are not billed. 

Technician Permissions

A technician is a user whose primary role is field service.  Here is a comprehensive list of restrictions for technicians:

  • Can only view clients who have the technician user set as the preferred technician -  or - clients for whom no preferred technician is assigned. Client's assigned to other users will be hidden from them.
  • Cannot change most settings.  The only settings a technician can modify are their own user information, their own scheduling policies, and their own lifecycle reminder settings.
  • Cannot export data

Assistant Permissions

An assistant is a user whose primary role is providing support from the office.  Here is a comprehensive list of restrictions for assistants:

  • Can see and manage all client information
  • Cannot have appointments scheduled for them
  • Cannot create invoices, but can modify and send existing invoices
  • Cannot create condition reports, but can modify and send existing condition reports
  • Cannot export data

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