Gazelle prevents clients outside certain areas from booking appointments by checking the drive time to a client's house from the center of your service area.  But there are a few ways to get around this...especially if you cover a large territory and are willing to travel further for an additional fee. 

Simplify your travel fees

First, You need to make your travel fee as simple as possible and link to it in the footer of all your message templates. Having a digital copy of it on your website to link to is the easiest way to achieve this. 

Outside Service Area Rule

Suggested Text:  "Oops, it looks like you entered an address that is outside our normal service area. But don't worry:) This simply means we have an extra charge that will get waived if we get more than 3 appointments in your area. Please call to book this appointment and then tell your friends so we can waive your travel charge!"


Another option is to simply handle the travel charge on your website as an FYI and so folks see it before scheduling through Gazelle: 


Lastly you can using your Master Service List to help automate your travel charge selection as a service. 

There are 3 ways we recommend using the Master Service List to manage a travel charge. 

  1. Use County Boundaries 
  2. Use Interstates/Exits
  3. Use Natural Landmarks

This makes it easy for your clients to visualize where they live as they select their services. 

County Boundaries 


Natural Boundaries

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