How do I temporarily pause my business? 

We recommend taking the following steps: 

1. Call it a "pause" not a "shut down"

The words you use matter. Especially in a time of uncertainty.

Tell your clients "I am still booking future appointments, but I need to temporarily pause my business because of XYZ reason. I will re-evaluate things on X date..."

See our article "Should I Temporarily Pause My Business?" to explore a good framework that will help you better communicate this decision to your clients. 

2. Communicate in 2 week cycles. 

The date you choose for re-evaluation doesn't matter as much as the certainty you provide to your clients. And you want to come to the end of this with a full calendar, ready to get back to normal life. If the crisis drags on, simply promise to make rescheduling easy and extend your revaluation date 2 weeks at a time.  

See our article "Easy Ways Update Settings to Automate A Temporary Pause" and "Universally pausing your reminders"

3. Watch “Helping Your Business Survive a Temporary Pause” webinar

We know this isn't an easy decision so we recorded an entire webinar and Q&A to address this topic. 

Stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.

The Gazelle Team

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