If you are needing to automatically reschedule appointments
due to COVID-19, you can take the following steps. 

Step 1: Adjust your automated reminder settings 

Work in 2 week cycles and change your lifecycle settings to "Require Appointment Confirmation" starting 2 weeks before the appointment.

NOTE: Adjust each reminder lifecycle individually.
Depending on your configuration your clients might be split across multiple lifecycles. 

Step 2: Change the text of your "Appointment LifeCycle States"

Edit the text of your "Unconfirmed & Confirmed Appointment States" to say something like "Due to COVID-19 I am needing to Reschedule my appointments for a future date. You can reschedule online now. Thank you for understanding..."

Consider copying and pasting your old text into a word
document so you can come back to it after the COVID crisis is over.  And use the "
Rescheduling Button" merge code to enhance your messages.

Edit your message templates by clicking here

Step 3: Sit back and relax.

Sit Back and watch your client's reschedule online. You will still need to call clients who don't auto-reschedule, but this should help. Also, consider that calling clients might be the better 'personal touch' that is needed during this time of uncertainty. 

Step 4: Revert back after the crisis is over

Remember, once the crisis is over you will want to revert back to your original text and settings. This is why we recommend saving a copy of your original text in a word doc. It will make restarting your business easier. 

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