Gazelle is designed to automate your reminders so you spend less time giving reminders and more time doing the things you love. 

However, when you first start using Gazelle none of your clients will be assigned to a LifeCycle. But don't worry, assigning clients is easy.

Quick View - Find All Clients Due for Tuning

Within the Reminders Tab, select the "Due for Tuning" sub-tab. This will pull up a list of every client in your database that has a piano(s) currently due for tuning

Assigning Client's to LifeCycle Reminders

NOTE: If you have lots clients not assigned to a LifeCycle, you can do a bulk assignment using the LifeCycle Reassignment Tool. However, you can also individually assign each client to a LifeCycle. 

From the "Reminder Tab" you can apply a filter to view all the clients who *are not* currently assigned to a LifeCycle. To filter the list use the right column and select "No LifeCycle". You can assign these client's to a LifeCycle simply by clicking the "Set LifeCycle" button. 

From the pop-up, select the LifeCycle you would like and then you can manage this client through the "LifeCycle Call Center". Note: The "LifeCycle Call Center" is the easiest way to manage clients who are due for tuning and need different kinds of reminders. 

Manually Reminding Clients who are Due for Tuning

You can use the "Due for Tuning" tab to remind clients who are due for tuning but you will need to open each individual client record in a separate tab. To do this simply click on the client name and a new browser tab will open. To return to the "Due for Tuning" list simply return to the prior browser tab. The "LifeCycle Call Center" is the best place to manage clients who are due for tuning because everything can be handled in one place. 

Filtering the "Due for Tuning" list:

From this list, you can narrow your search by Client, City, State, Zip, and the
LifeCycle they are currently assigned to. Type anywhere in the filter boxes to narrow your list results. 

Nice job! You're ahead of the game.

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