Your company wide service list is what you and your clients will see when scheduling an appointment. You have the flexibility to specify which services will be visible to your clients when self-scheduling and which services will be only visible to you.

Go to Settings → and "edit" under scheduling policies or simply click here 

Select the "Service List" and from here you will be able to:

  1. Choose to hide or display pricing. Read more about cost visibility policy HERE
  2. Add a new service, or a new group to put services under
  3. Edit a group settings and add new services "sub-item" under groups
  4. Edit/Remove any service on your service list

When adding a new service item, you will be able to add a name, description, duration, and price. You will also have three check boxes for choosing whether you would like to:

  1. Show this service to clients when they are self-scheduling
  2. Make this service default. Your default service is pre-loaded when you are scheduling an appointment to save you time. You can always switch from your default service while scheduling.
  3. Mark if that service is a tuning, or includes a tuning.

NOTE: Including a price will not display it to your clients while self-scheduling, unless you have show pricing enabled on your cost visibility policy HERE

After entering all of the service details, hit save. You're ready to roll!

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