Easily send email & text messages, or schedule a phone call reminder:

Gazelle's messaging feature enables you to easily send messages to a client. They can be sent right away or programed to send at a future date. Sending a message from Gazelle automatically saves a record of the message to your client's timeline and saves time answering common questions like, pricing information, rescheduling requests, asking for online reviews etc...

Creating Message Templates

Under the settings tab, find the "Message Templates" box and click "Edit" 

From the message template dashboard you can:

  1. Click on the "New" button to add a new template
  2. Click on one of the templates to edit or delete it
  3. Drag the handle to change the sort order of the templates

Sending a Message

You can send your clients messages using the web app or the mobile app. That's it! Now anytime you find your self typing out the same email over and over, you can create a message template that will save your time. 

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