In certain scenarios Gazelle will pre-load a client's information when they are self-scheduling their own appointment. A client's information is pre-loaded when your scheduler is accessed through a message sent from Gazelle, but their information is not pre-loaded when your scheduler is accessed through a public link. 

When is Client Information Pre-Loaded?

If a client clicks on a scheduling or re-scheduling button within a message from Gazelle, their contact/piano information is automatically loaded during the scheduling process. This is because Gazelle knows who they are and sends them to a private scheduling link. 

You can read more about adding these scheduling buttons (merge codes) to your LifeCycles or Message Templates HERE

When is Client Information not Pre-Loaded?

If a client goes to schedule online through your website or public scheduling link, their file information will not be pre-loaded during the scheduling process. This is because Gazelle does not know who they are until they input their information at the end of the form

Why can't a client simply search for their file from the public site?

The short answer is security. In order to allow clients access to their file, we have to provide them with a way to log into the Gazelle system. This is something we hope to eventually add as a Gazelle feature, which will allow clients to self-edit their information and do certain basic tasks; however, we have to cover two very important scenarios before we can do this:

  1. Clients need to only access their information. We will only want clients to see their information, which means a login and password is required. Right now we purposefully do not require a login and password when self-scheduling because it puts an extra barrier in front of the client. Our philosophy with Gazelle is to try to make it as easy for the client as possible to schedule, with few barriers. Providing a portal for clients to view their info (verify their identity) and ensure that webbots can't scoop up all this info as they prowl the web is a much bigger feature than we have time to do on the first version of Gazelle. Again, we are going to do this in the future, but for now we simply provided a way through the automated emails to pre-load client data on a private web page
  2. Clients need limited access to their files. The second thing we would need to do is make sure that clients have limited access to their files. We don't want the client to see all the internal notes you take on them or their pianos. We therefore need to give you the ability to dictate what clients can and cannot do/see when they are self-serving their file. They will also need separate permissions that do not allow them to delete or edit certain things on their file. 

That is our client self-scheduling privacy policy in a nutshell. 

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