What Are Merge Codes

Merge codes are the lines of code you can enter in your emails to tell Gazelle to insert custom information defined by that merge code. E.g. the merge code  
"{{company.phone}}" will enter the number you have on file for your business.

How to Add Merge Codes

To add merge codes to your emails, select the "Show Merge Codes" when editing your LifeCycle Reminder message templates (more instructions HERE) or generic saved message templates (more instructions HERE). 

Under the merge code page, you will be able to view the description of each merge codes available and the information it inserts for Clients, Pianos, Appointments, Technicians, Your Company, and Scheduling. (All scheduling related merge codes will display as large green buttons. All other merge codes will display as text.)

To add a merge code to your email, simply copy the code on the page and paste it into your email subject or body

How to Preview Merge Codes

Once you have inserted the merge codes you would like to use, hit the "Preview" button at the top to see how your email will be displayed to clients. If there are any errors with a merge code, it will display as red text within the editing page (see client name merge code in example below)

When you are satisfied with your codes, hit save. 

Your email are now all set with personal customization! 

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