There is an easy way for clients to schedule a new appointment; however, right now there is not yet a fully automated way for your client to self-edit (or reschedule) their future appointments. However, using message templates will make the process easier for everyone.

To read more about self-scheduling privacy and future features we have planned, go HERE

What can you do for rescheduling now?

To make rescheduling easier, setup a message template that includes the rescheduling button (to insert this button use the merge code {{rescheduling_link}} in the body of your message template). 

When clients click the rescheduling button Gazelle will send them to a private scheduling page that automatically pre-loads their contact/piano information, including any pianos. From here they can then schedule a new appointment. 

Keep in mind that Gazelle will not delete the original appointment when a client reschedules a new one. You will need to manually delete that client's original appointment after you approve their new reservation. 

Rescheduling Message Template Example

As an example, here is a common rescheduling email message sent as a "saved template" when a client requests their existing appointment be removed in exchange for a different date:

To create the example message above, create a new message template and then copy the below text into the message body: 


Dear {{client.formal_name}},

Rescheduling your appointment will only take a few minutes. At your convenience, click the link below to select a new date and time for your piano's service:


NOTE: If we do not hear back from you within a short period of time, our system will start sending your regular piano service reminders. If you need to postpone rescheduling, simply let us know and we are happy to follow-up with you at a later date.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions!


The {{}} Team


That's it! You're on track to eliminating one more email you have to hand type over and over again. 

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