Gazelle's Reminder Tab is like Grand Central Station. Everyone passes through here because they need to be somewhere else. Your job is simply to help them get there.

There are four key sections of our reminders:

  1. LifeCycle Call Center
  2. Due for Tuning
  3. Calls 
  4. Emails

LifeCycle Call Center

This is the most commonly used section and shows up by default. It displays every client who is *Currently* due for a tuning according to your LifeCycle reminders settings. After you call the client, they will disappear and then reappear in the list if they don't book an appointment within X days. 

How does the call center work?

Click on any client in the list and you will see a pop-up window that shows you everything you need to know about this client, why they need a call, and what kind of piano/service history you have on file.  

Due For Tuning

The "Due for Tuning" tab is a quick way to see anyone who is due for a tuning who is not on an automated reminder. You can use this to find people who are due for a tuning, but it is better to assign them to an automated LifeCycle reminder. 

*Note: On the "Due for Tuning" tab clicking the client name will take you to the client record. It will not display a pop-up like clients who are on automated reminders. 

Calls and Emails (Old Style Reminders)

The Calls/Emails tab is seldom used for misc reminders through our "Old Style" reminder system. These reminders are not fully automated like our LifeCycles but they do serve a purpose for sending Misc reminders on an infrequent basis. 

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