Gazelle operates as a cloud-based system that has 5 layers of redundancy built in to protect against data loss. In short, we take this very seriously and are committed to going beyond "Conventional Standards" to ensure your data is protected. So, how does the system work? 

3 Primary Servers + 1 Auxiliary 

Our first group of primary servers provides 3 layers of redundancy. Each server is stored in a separate location on the East Coast of the USA. Each location is housed in a Level 5 Amazon Data Center that has its own power supply and is hurricane, flood, tornado, and earthquake proof. We also run a 4th Auxiliary Server that helps increase our computing power to make data-heavy processes like the Smart Scheduler run smoothly. 

All 3 of these servers are running simultaneously and stream live data that is captured the moment you make a change to the program. 2/3 servers are designated as "Primary", the 3rd is there to balance the load and be available if one of the primary servers temporarily goes offline. All of our load balancing is automated and runs 24/7. 

Back Up Servers (Layer 4a + 4b)

Every hour we back up all of our data and ship it to two destinations around the world. One is on the West Coast, USA and the other is in Australia. These two backup servers ensure that we are protected in the event of a simultaneous catastrophic failure of all 3 of our "front line" servers. 

Manual Data Backup (Layer 5)

Part of Gazelle's terms of service ensures that you legally have the right to export any data you store in our program at any time. We enable you to export your data with the click of a button in the settings tab. 

If you have specific questions feel free to ask our administrators at 

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