If you are like most folks, you want to treat open days in your schedule a certain way. But what happens when you want do your own thing? Depending on how eager you are for new work, you may (or may not) want to treat open days with more scrutiny. This is what Gazelle's "Open Day Policy" feature is for. It lets you adjust our scheduling rules to better fit your "way of doing things".  

How to Customize your setting...

Click Here to change your open day policy. During the process, you will see that you have 5 options for your open day policy: None, Slight, Moderate, Heavey and Severe. This gives you the chance to "Favor" or "Penalize" Open Days on your schedule.

Things to consider before adjusting this setting

How is an "Open Day" defined? 

According to Gazelle, an "Open Day" is any day that meets both the following criteria: 1. It is a day you are willing to work according to your scheduling preferences. 2. No appointments are currently scheduled, including personal events. 

When should I adjust this setting?

You should change this setting if you feel like Gazelle's scheduling algorithm is not favoring open days enough. Changing your open day setting can be really helpful in a number of scenarios. For example: 

If you are a beginning technician you might bend over backward for a client who is ready to book an appointment, even if that means working on an open day later this week when you are already scheduled to be near the client next week. 

- OR - 

If you are an established technician whose schedule is such that you want to force clients to pick days in which you are already out in the field, then setting this "Open Day" penalty to be more severe will be a better choice. 

Which level Should I choose?

Here are 3 examples of the same search criteria for a client where the open day setting has been changed. Usually, a step up or down is all that is needed to achieve the different results. The extreme options are quite extreme.

Moderate - Some Open Day Penalty

The moderate open day setting will likely result in something like the following, where open days next week are lower on the list compared to days with an appointment further out. 

No Open Day Penalty 

The Lowest Setting will result in open days being heavily favored, especially if they are in the near future.

Severe - Heaviest Open Day Penalty 

The Highest open day penalty will result in open days being overlooked in favor of days further out on your calendar that already have appointments scheduled. On the highest setting, the system might favor an open day weeks/months in advance over an open day later this month. At this level open days will only be offered if they are very close - and - there are no other good/decent drive times on any day in the future. Use this setting sparingly.  

Where do I edit my open day preference?

You can edit your open day preference by logging in and going to Settings > Scheduling Policies > My Policies > Open Day. NOTE: The Open Day policy is set per technician, so if you have multiple technicians each one will need to log in individually to change their preference. 

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