• Open Outlook and in Calendar, select the calendar you want to export.
  • Click File > Save Calendar.
  • Use the default name, or type a name for the iCal file in the File name box.

NOTE: You'll see a summary showing the calendar name, date range, and detail level next to More Options.  You can optionally customize these options as follows:

  • Click More Options
  • Click the Date Range arrow and choose the amount of calendar data you want to include in the iCalendar file, or click Specify Dates to enter your own date range.

TIP: Depending on the size of your calendar, this may take several seconds, or a even a few minutes to run.  Please be patient while it generates the files.

  • Click the Detail arrow and choose the amount of detail you want to show.
  • Click OK, and then click Save

This will generate an iCal file.  Email that file to support@gazelleapp.io and we'll get busy importing all your past and future appointments into Gazelle.

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