Once your client self-schedules their appointment, Gazelle will email you and your client with a confirmation of the pending reservation. 

Steps for Reviewing Reservation Requests

Within your account, you can view any pending appointments on your dashboard

Step One: Review Details

By hitting the "Details" button on the pending reservation, you will be able to view all of the requested appointment details and decide if this appointment is one you would like to accept 

Step Two: Match Client Record

Gazelle will automatically search the client and suggest matches to anyone in your database that has matching information (name, email, address, etc.) If no match is found, you will have the option to either still assign it to a client, or create a new client record

Step Three: Approve or Decline

You final step is to approve and add this appointment to your calendar, or decline the appointment and prevent it from being added

Both actions will notify the client by email. Within your account settings you can customize a standard decline and approve email message. You can also add a customized decline message within each appointment reservation if desired. 

→ Customize your "Declined Appointment Email" HERE under one-off emails
→ Customize your "Approved Appointment Email" HERE under one-off emails

Even if you choose to decline, the client information from that appointment request will still be saved for reference on your dashboard under "Recent Self-Scheduled Appointments"

That's It, You're Done!

Our goal is to make the entire process of self-scheduling easy and flexible to fit your business. If you are unsure of where to customize a setting, let us know! We are here to help. 

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