Each LifeCycle has different States you can enable/disable to help you track clients and/or pianos who reside on that LifeCylce. Edit the LifeCycle Settings to enable/disable each state. 

First Go to Settings > LifeCycle Reminders > Edit

Then Select a LifeCycle and its Corresponding State

Find the State you want to edit and click on it. You have three different categories of States to Choose from: Client, Piano, and Appointments. 

Client States - Trigger off the Status of the Client (Prospect, New, or  Active)
Piano States - Trigger off the Piano's last tuning/tuning interval (Due, Not Due, Overdue, etc...)
Appointment States - Trigger off the status of a scheduled "Green" appointment. 

Edit/Enable/Disable the Email, Phone Calls and Text Message Reminder Rules

Each enabled state has its own rules that manage the automated emails, phone call prompts, and text message reminders for the clients who are on that LifeCycle and in that State. 

Select and Enable The Reminder Type

Edit the Frequency of Reminders Here

Edit the Content/Messaging of the Reminders Here

When Finished hit "Save" and you are done:)

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