When a primary or secondary contact within a client's record has multiple phone numbers or email addresses on file, you can adjust which one is set to default. 

NOTE: These instructions are for changing the default setting for phone numbers or email that already exist in a client's record. If you are wanting to add a new phone number, read HERE. If you are wanting to add a new email address, read HERE

Editing a Client's Default Contact Settings 

Within the client dashboard, select "edit" in the contact information box

Within the phone number or email address box, you can view the current default settings for each contact. To change which phone number or email address is the default, go to the additional number/email on file and select "set to default" 

If a contact only has one phone number or email listed, Gazelle will automatically set as the default.

Once you have saved the new default settings, scroll up and hit save. That's it!

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