What is the Timeline?

The timeline automatically logs all the changes that happen on a client file so that you have a centralized record of everything that happens. Some of the log entries are automated but you can add your own comments/notes anytime. 

Where is the Timeline Located?

The Timeline is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the client file.  

How to Add a Comment to the Timeline

To add a comment to the timeline click on the "Add Comment" button and enter your note into the edit box. 

You can associate a date with the comment and hit save. The comment will appear in the box according to the date you entered. 

You can edit or remove the comment by hitting the "Edit" or "Remove" buttons above the comment. 

Adding Timeline Comments as you Complete an Appointment

Adding Comments to the Timeline is easy when you are completing an appointment. Just type your comment into the box on the right of the appointment completion screen and Gazelle will automatically tag the date and add the comment:)

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