**Article Updated 10/18/2017 to reflect changes in how we display the piano's
past service histories after it has been assigned to a new client**


Piano's occasionally change hands, sometimes this happens when Grandma needs to downsize and other times it happens after a piano is sold to a new owner.   You can preserve a piano's service history in Gazelle by "Reassigning a Piano" from one client to another. Here is how it works:

Reassign the Piano from "Client A" to "Client B"

  1. Select the piano you would like to assign to a different client
  2. Within the piano information box, click "edit"

3. Scroll down until you see the box "Assign Piano to a Different Client"
4. Type the name of the client you would like to assign the piano to and select the     name from the dropdown.
5. Hit save. You rocked it!

Do all the past service histories transfer to the new owner?

Yes. But Gazelle is going to inactivate the original piano file and keep it on record as a "historical archive" on the original client file. This will preserve the referential integrity on all the invoices, appointments, and estimates that were created under the original owner.  This helps preserve accurate records on both client's files. 

Service History "Before vs. After" being assigned

Note: Before a service history is assigned to a new client Appointments, Invoices, and Manual Service Histories are all summarized in different colors and the details are available on the client file. 

When the piano is transferred to a new client a few things are modified:

  1. Every entry that came from a former client file has a note at the top indicating which client owned the piano when the entry was created.
  2. The details of things like appointments and invoices are expanded to show all the details of each service history event.
  3. All the entries are mono-color, which will give good visual separation between the entries created under the current owner vs. the entries created under a prior owner(s). 

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