Gazelle's Data Clean-Up Process

What happens during a data clean-up?

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What happens during the "Data Clean Up" process?

Gazelle is customized for the piano service industry and we can handle a lot of information that other programs struggle to manage. As such, here is an example of what we do during a data cleanup process. 

  1. Names - we make sure everybody's names are formatted correctly (First, Middle, Last, Company Name configuration). Additionally, we scrub the name fields for "Company" names so that Churches, Schools, and Businesses are properly categorized as "Businesses" instead of "Residential Customers". 

  2.  Addresses: - We verify every address we import with Google. If you have partial or invalid addresses Gazelle will notify you on the customer file and give you the opportunity to improve the address.

  3. Phone Numbers - Phone numbers in Gazelle are validated according to the standards in your country.  If your phone numbers are not formatted properly (for example 555-5555555 instead of (555) 555-5555) we can detect this and replace it with the correct formatting for your local area.

  4. Email Addresses - Email addresses are some of the easiest to detect and format even if they are hidden in a generic notes field. We will be able to detect this and pull all your email addresses out of the data strings and assign them to the proper person. 

  5. Piano Information - This is where we shine the most. Most programs don't have a good method for sorting all your piano information. This means that you likely have it scattered all throughout your program. We can search your database for hundreds of common piano makes and models and pull the data together to make accurate piano file(s) for your customers.

  6. Last Tuning Date - Like piano information tracking a "Last Tuning Date" is not always easy coming from other programs. Most of the time we can pull all of your past service dates out of a notes field and determine which one should be the "Last Tuning Date"; but we also have other ways to find the last tuning date for each of your customers.

  7. Service History Notes - We pull all your old service history notes from whatever program you are using, merge them into Gazelle, and then match them to the proper piano record. 

  8. Invoices - If you have past invoices that you want imported we can match these to client records via identifying information like phone numbers, email addresses, names, piano serial numbers, and several other fields. 

  9. Misc Information - During every import process any misc information is identified and assigned to the proper spot in Gazelle. We work really hard to ensure that no data gets dropped during your data import process. 

Let our team handle your data so you can wow your customers!

We have imported hundreds of databases types from every program you can imagine; including a lot of not-so-common programs. We will be here to help you at every step of the way!

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