Phone Number Validation

Phone number validation for local and international phone numbers.

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How phone number validation works?

When a phone number is saved to one of our servers we check it against an international library of phone numbers to validate the Country Code, Area Code, and Prefix are all valid. If not, you will see this error: 

In the example above the phone number (+1) 704-199-3103 is throwing an error because the prefix "xxx-199-xxxx" does not match the 704 area code.

  • Country Code +1: for this example the USA Country Code "+1" is hidden in the screenshot because the Gazelle account is located in the USA.

  • Area Code 704-xxx-xxxx: "704" is recognized as a valid US area code

  • Phone Prefix 704-199-xxxx: "199" is not a valid prefix for this region because the 704 area code only uses prefixes between the numbers "200-999". 

  • Phone Number 704-199-3103: The last four digits of every phone number are usually always valid because they commonly use every digit combination between "0000-9999"

What is considered a Valid Number?

A valid phone number is considered a phone number where the combination of the Country Code, Area Code, and Phone Prefix all go together in the real world. For example the area code "101" does not exist inside the USA so the phone number combination of +1-101-xxx-xxxx will trigger the error message.

What is considered an International Number

Anything country code you add to a phone number that is different than your Gazelle account's default country code is considered an "International" number within your Gazelle account. For example: If your default country code is +1 "USA" than adding any phone number to your Gazelle account that is outside the US will require you to prefix it with the international country code; otherwise Gazelle will automatically save the phone number with a +1 Country Code. 

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