Changing the email address your Gazelle emails are sent from is easy!

There is a war on spam and the good guys are winning. But many small businesses are getting caught in the crossfire. Using Gazelle to send automated reminders helps ensure your automated emails actually get delivered instead of hitting a spam folder.

What is my Gazelle Email 'Sending' Address?

With Gazelle, all of your email messages come from a dedicated email address assigned to your company and any customer replies to this email address will be auto-forwarded to your company's email address on file.

How does DKIM compliance ensure emails get delivered?

In the world of email, Gazelle is a 3rd party provider that sends a lot of email on your behalf. DKIM compliance means the email coming from our servers gets treated like a legitimate email instead of being flagged by your client's email provider or landing in a spam folder.

View of a non-DKIM Compliant Email


View of a DKIM Compliant Email

By providing DKIM compliance, Gazelle is able to deliver email to your clients that looks like it came directly from your company.



To change your Gazelle sending email address follow these steps.

Step 1: Log into Settings > Company Profile

Step 2: Change your Gazelle Sending Email Address

Step 3: Save


This setting can only be changed in the web app.

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