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How Do I Change My Gazelle Email "Sending" Address?
How Do I Change My Gazelle Email "Sending" Address?

Changing the email address my Gazelle messages are sent from.

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Changing the email address your Gazelle emails are sent from is easy!


To change your Gazelle sending email address follow these steps.

Step 2: Change your Gazelle Sending Email Address

Step 3: Save


This setting can only be changed in the web app.


About your Gazelle DKIM compliant email 'Sending' Address

With Gazelle, all of your email messages come from a DKIM compliant email address assigned to your company. Any customer replies to this email address will be auto-forwarded to your company's email address on file.

How does DKIM compliance ensure emails get delivered?

In the world of email, Gazelle is a 3rd party provider that sends a lot of email on behalf of the businesses that use our services. DKIM compliance means the email coming from our servers gets treated like a legitimate email instead of being flagged by your client's email provider as potentially spam.

View of a non-DKIM Compliant Email

View of a DKIM Compliant Email

By providing DKIM compliance, Gazelle is able to deliver email to your clients that looks like it came directly from your company.


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