When your customer has an alternate contact for billing, you can set a secondary contact in their account as the primary billing contact for invoices. 

Set a Secondary Billing Contact

Hit "Edit" under the client dashboard to update the default settings. 

The first client listed will be your primary client, choose any of the secondary clients listed below to be your default billing contact by clicking  "Set as Billing Default" under their name.

NOTE: If you have not already, create a secondary contact under your the client record by clicking "+ Contact" under the client dashboard. See how HERE →

Send an Invoice to Billing Contact

Once you have a default billing contact set, that will be the default email Gazelle uses when sending invoices. When sending an invoice, you will see each secondary client on the dropdown and can always choose who to send the invoice to.

Select the default billing contact, or another from the list, and you're done! 

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