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Overview Of Gazelle's Scheduling Rules? (Legacy Scheduling Rules)
Overview Of Gazelle's Scheduling Rules? (Legacy Scheduling Rules)

How do I edit my scheduling policies & scheduling rules?

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(Updated January 25, 2024)

Gazelle's legacy scheduling rules have reached their end of life and are no longing being supported as a feature. We recommend migrating to our new scheduling feature which is more flexible and able to accommodate a wider array of scheduling needs.
To enable your new scheduling feature go to Settings > New Features > Enable New Scheduling.

If you don't see the 'New Features' option in your settings, please email to request that it be enabled on your account.

If you are still using the Legacy rules you will receive instructions soon for migrating to the new feature before it is removed from service. In the mean time you can reference this Legacy Scheduling Video Tutorial.


This setting can only be changed by logging into the Web App at this time.

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