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Tips For Invoicing A Piano Dealership / School District / University
Tips For Invoicing A Piano Dealership / School District / University

How do I invoice a large vendor on a monthly or quarterly basis?

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When servicing a piano for a piano dealership, university, or large school district who requests invoices be sent once a month, here is how we recommend structuring the invoice.


Step 1 (In Gazelle): Create individual invoice for each onsite visit you make (itemizing on the Gazelle invoice the specific services performed for each individual piano).

Step 2 (In Gazelle): Sync each individual invoice to QuickBooks Online.

Step 3 (In QuickBooks): Use the Sub-Customer feature to link this to the parent record who receives the monthly report / invoice (see screenshot below).

Step 4 (In QuickBooks): At the end of each month (or billing period) use QuickBooks to send a report to the customer and collect payment in QuickBooks.

Step 5 (In Gazelle): Sync with QuickBooks to pull QuickBooks payments into Gazelle and mark each of the individual invoices as 'PAID'
โ€‹Step 6: Done!

(To enable QuickBooks sub-customers go to QuickBooks > Customer > Edit > Sub-Customer > Save)


Step 1: At the beginning of the month create a draft invoice.

Step 2: Add pianos to this draft invoice as you service them throughout the month.

Step 3: At the beginning of each item description input the date of service for that item (See image below).

Step 4: At the end of the billing cycle send the customer the invoice requesting payment.

Step 5: Done!

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