How Do I Handle Travel Charges?

Adding travel fees for use with Gazelle's self-scheduling.

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Handling travel charges in Gazelle is easy!


Step 1: Make sure your travel fees are easy to understand.

Step 2: Add a group of items called "Add On Travel Charges" to your service list.

Step 3: Optional: Add a note to your self-scheduler.

Step 1: Simplify your travel fees

Make your travel fee as easy for customers to understand as possible (and link to it on your website and in the footer of all your message templates so there is no confusion).

Step 2: Add a group called "Travel Charge" to your Master Service List.

To make this easy for your customers use natural boundaries everyone recognizes.

Using County Boundaries 

Using Natural Boundaries

Step 3: Optional: Add special instructions to your online scheduling.

To add a special note to your self-scheduler click here.


These settings can only be changed by logging into the Web App at this time.

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