1. Add a multi-day or multi-week personal event on your calendar.

You can create a personal event on your calendar that spans multiple days or even weeks.  This is the simplest way to block time off your calendar.  It keeps all your scheduling rules intact and is easily removed. 

See our article titled "Scheduling a Personal Event."  and "Automatically reschedule appointments"

2. Pause or Update your piano Reminders.

We usually recommend you update your automated reminder templates to include a blurb at the top about your downtime "I am still booking future appointments, but I need to temporarily pause my business because of XYZ reason. I will re-evaluate things on X date."  See our article titled "Editing Reminders"

*We recommend only adding this notice to the "Piano Due For Service" reminders, in this way you will only notify the clients your downtime will impact. We discuss this in depth during our webinar on the topic.

In some circumstances, you may want to pause reminders altogether and prevent them from going out at all.  See our article titled "Universally Pause All Reminders."

3. Reschedule existing appointments.

Next, you will need to contact everyone who already has an appointment scheduled during this downtime. You can automate this by following these steps, but we also recommend personally calling folks if you are able. It takes more time but is more personal and your clients will appreciate you taking the time. 

4. Use Gazelle to keep your schedule full for when you return.

Handling your downtime this way (rather than turning off all your reminders) will ensure your calendar will be full upon your return.  Gazelle will be busy sending out reminders to your clients, and you can be confident they will only be offered time slots that work for your future schedule.

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