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How Do I Change My Gazelle Subscription
How Do I Change My Gazelle Subscription

How to upgrade or downgrade my subscription.

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Upgrading / Downgrading your Gazelle Subscription is easy. Click here to change your subscription level.


Step 1: Log into your account
Step 2: Go to Settings > Billing > Change Plan
Step 3: Adjust piano counts and add/remove features.

Step 4: Save.


Billing changes can only be made by the administrator(s) on the account while logged into your web app.


What if I have too many active pianos for my plan?

Don't worry. You can adjust your plan to whatever active piano count you need and then take one of the following actions.

  1. Inactivate unserviced pianos to reduce your active piano counts.

  2. Upgrade to an appropriate plan that has higher active piano limits.

Will I lose any of my settings or data if I downgrade my subscription?

No, you will not lose any of your settings or data if you downgrade your subscription.

Will I still have access to my data if I downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you will have access to all your data. 

What if I am pausing my account? 

If you are pausing your account, just downgrade to 'Free' and your account will be placed into a "Parked State". When you are ready to unpause your account you can upgrade to a paid plan and pick up where you left off. 

What is a "Parked State"?

A "Parked State" is a temporary account status that pauses all reminders and provides limited access to critical functions like settings, exporting data, and managing your active piano counts. 

Will my account be pro-rated if I upgrade mid-subscription cycle?

Yes, we pro-rated the rest of this billing cycle and credit your account for any unused time on your old plan.

If I downgrade, can I be refunded for the unused time on my subscription. 

No, your new lower level plan will begin at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

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