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How can I easily put an estimate together?

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Most piano technicians spend too much time putting together estimates that are only marginally effective, or worse a complete waste of time. Creating estimates that sell is easy (and lucrative) with Gazelle's Estimates feature.

Easily Create Estimates in Gazelle:

Step 1: Evaluate the piano.

Step 2: Add items & pictures using Gazelle's Estimate feature.

Step 3: Add a Condition Report to show the performance potential of their piano.

Step 4: Sell more jobs and easily manage open Estimates

Add Items & Pictures Of Their Piano.

Gazelle's ‘Estimate’ feature enables you to easily create professional-looking estimates adapted to each customer’s needs. You can even snap pictures using your phone and add them to your estimate.

Add a Condition Report

Add a Condition Report to show your customer the full performance potential of their piano. Showing your customer a visual guide of the current condition, full potential, and recommended options for repair helps them confidently make the choice to invest in their piano.

Track Repair Quotes & Estimates

You can easily filter repair quotes & open estimates in the 'Estimates' tab so you can follow up and close big repair jobs.

The mechanics of creating a Gazelle Estimate are easy:

Step 1: Go through your normal piano inspection routine.

Step 2: Take notes and pictures as you build your estimate.

Step 3: Confidently deliver an estimate designed to sell. 

Adding Photos:

Adding photos of your customer's piano is easy. This personalizes their estimate and makes it look more professional.

Adding a Condition Report:

Adding a condition report to your estimates gives your customer a visual aid that shows the full performance potential of their piano, current condition, and options for repair; which helps them make an informed decision. 

Adding a recommendation:

Adding a recommendation to your estimates gives you the flexibility to say "...your piano needs $xx,xxx of repairs and we do/do not recommend this level of service..." This makes it easy to evaluate a really old, cheap, beginner level instrument that is in severe disrepair; and concert instruments that have lost of room for improvement.

Adding Estimate Options:

Adding options to your estimate enables you to quickly customize different levels of service that fit your customer's needs and budget.  

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