Gazelle's Service Library is a free resource available to all our subscribers that gives you access to hundreds of common services that come with professionally edited descriptions. It helps you quickly create professional-looking estimates, invoices, and service items that are designed to sell more services.

Using Service Library items is easy:

  1. Add a service item to your master service list.

  2. Select "Browse Service Library".

  3. Save



Can I customize Service Library items before I save them to my Master Service List?

Yes. you can customize the Service Library items and save them to your Master Service List.

Can I add my own duration to my Service Library items?

Yes. you can customize the duration of Service Library items.

Yes. Gazelle provides a recommended amount of time and calculates your suggested price using your company's hourly rate. You can change this price for each item in your master service list and/or edit it on the fly as you add items to your estimates and invoices.

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