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How do I use invoices in Gazelle?

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Creating invoices in Gazelle is an easy way to track your revenue, process payments, record service history, and stay on top of your receivables. Create your first invoice here!

Process Payments

Gazelle integrates with (the world's largest payment processor) to help you easily collect payment and deposit the funds into your bank account each day. Read more about payment processing in this help article.

Filter Invoices & Track Revenue

Filter invoices to track revenue from individual clients, overdue invoices, or export your invoice data to create reports using a spreadsheet.

To export your invoice transactions go to Settings > Export Data > Download Invoices.

Sync with QuickBooks Online

Sync all your invoices with QuickBooks Online to save time on bookkeeping!

Automate Piano Service History

Creating an invoice in Gazelle automatically updates the piano's service history by automatically recording the items you have invoiced for this piano.

Stay On Top Of Receivables

Get paid faster and easily stay on top of open / overdue invoices in Gazelle.

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