Restarting your business after COVID is easy when you do things in the right order.

Step 1: Watch 'Restarting Your Business After COVID' webinar recording.
Step 2: Create a New Temporary Reminder
Step 3: Bulk transfer all 'Active clients' to your temporary Reminder
Step 4: After 2 weeks move everyone back to your original Reminder and get back to 'normal'.

________________________STEP 1________________________

Gazelle School of Business Webinar

(Recorded May, 11 2020)

NOTE: The audio & video is a little bit choppy because everyone is using ZOOM to work from home right now.

________________________STEP 2________________________

Create A New Temporary Reminder

NOTE: LifeCycle Reminders have been renamed "Reminders" in Gazelle. Our current settings page looks a little different (but functions the same) as what is shown in the video below.


Use your temporary Reminder to send a one-time message & text to all active clients.

Suggested Email text :
"We are excited to be restarting our business now that the stay-home orders are scheduled to expire on May, XX. If you need to schedule your appointment you can do so now, otherwise we will reach out the next time your piano is due for service. {{scheduling_link}}"

Suggested SMS text:

Yay! Stay-home restrictions are finally lifted. We can't wait to get back to work. To schedule your piano service {{scheduling_link}}

Only Move Active Clients

Only move 'Active Clients' to your temporary Reminder. This is especially important if your default Reminder has messages enabled in the states labeled "Prospect, New, or Active". You can limit your filter to only "Active" clients when you transfer clients from one Reminder to another.*

Why is this 'Active Client' filter important?
This 'Active Client" filter is especially important if your primary Reminder has 'Client Reminder States' enabled (Prospect, New, Active, or Inactive). These states send messages to clients based on the client status, not their piano status.

Few people use the "Active/Inactive Client" state in their primary Reminder so this is most likely only an issue in the "Prospect" and "New" client states that have messages enabled. Reassigning these clients to your primary Reminder will probably result in these groups of clients receiving messages that are no longer relevant.

________________________STEP 3________________________

Bulk Transfer Clients To Your Temporary Reminder

________________________STEP 4________________________

After 2 weeks transfer everyone back to your primary Reminder

Once a few weeks have passed you can transfer all your clients back to your primary Reminder. Just remember, when you do this it will reset all the client, piano, and appointment messages to clients who match the criteria of of each Reminder state.

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