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Easy Website Integration Tips

How do I add 'Book Now' buttons on my website & online profiles?

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Gazelle easily integrates your self-scheduling feature into any website. Visit to see for yourself and consider these tips:

  • Put a "Book Now" button in the top right-hand corner of your website.

  • Put "Book Now" buttons on every page of your website.

  • Add the same "Book Now" button(s) below the fold so people see your call to actions as they scroll down the page.

  • Focus on a single unified call to action "Book Now" and use secondary calls to action sparingly like "Contact Us", "Learn More", "Click Here", etc...

  • Keep the call to action button styling consistent across all pages.

Additional Tips & Tricks

It is also good to consider making the following changes to your customer communication processes

1. Change your voicemail greeting to tell clients about online scheduling.
​2. Edit email signatures to include your scheduling links.
​3. Update Social Media Profiles.
​4. Talk about online scheduling with clients.


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