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How Do I View My Email Suppression Report?
How Do I View My Email Suppression Report?

Downloading a copy of your email suppression report.

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Viewing a list of all your suppressed & unsubscribed emails is easy!
NOTE: A 'suppressed' email address is one that has been returned to Gazelle as 'undeliverable', marked as spam, or one where the customer has unsubscribed. If your customer's address has been suppressed in error sometimes there is something we can do to remedy the situation.


Step 1: Go to settings > export

Step 2: Download your 'Email Suppression' report.

Step 3: Locate the email address in question and find the reason provided.

Step 4: Contact if you need us to look into this or take additional action (like resubscribing someone to your emails).


Downloading your data can only be done from the web app at this time.

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