Auto populating your customer's existing customer data during self-scheduling is easy!

Step 1: Send the customer a message from within Gazelle.

Step 2: In the message insert {{scheduling_link}} or {{rescheduling_link}}.

Step 3: Done!

This will generate a 'Book Online Now' button for each customer which includes a special 'Private Booking Link' unique to each customer. You can read more about adding these merge codes and scheduling buttons to your Reminders & Message Templates HERE

When is Client Information not Pre-Loaded?

If a customer schedules online through your website (or clicks on your public scheduling link), their information will not be pre-loaded during the scheduling process. This is because Gazelle does not yet know who they are until they input their information.

Why can't a client simply search for their file from the public site?

The short answer is because it isn't in compliance with data security and privacy regulations. In order to allow clients access to their file we would have to provide them with a way to log into your Gazelle system as a customer. This is not a feature we support at the present time.

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