Merge codes can be used wherever you create custom message templates in Gazelle. They can be used in the message body or subject line of your messages. You can also use Markdown formatting to format your messages (Markdown is a simplified HTML language).

Most Common Merge Codes

Scheduling & hyperlinks:

{{scheduling_link}} - For inviting customers to self-schedule their appointment.

{{rescheduling_link}} - For inviting customers to reschedule an existing appointment.

{{confirm_link}} - For asking customers for confirm an unconfirmed appointment.
[any text]( - For linking text in the body of an email to a URL.

Personalization of messages:

{{client.first_name}} - for inserting the client's first name into a message.

{{client.formal_name}} - for inserting the company name or client full name.

{{}} - for inserting the appointment date into a message. {{appointment.time}} - for inserting the appointment time into a message

PRO TIP: When using a merge code be sure to either copy and past the entire code (including the double curly brackets) and/or type the merge code exactly as it is written.


Formatting Options:

Gazelle uses Markdown to simplify the HTML formatting for all your message templates. You can view a full list of all the Markdown formatting options here. Basic markdown syntax is included in the second half of the screenshot below.

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