Scheduling Piano Moves In Gazelle

How do I make it easy for customers (and my team) to schedule piano moves in Gazelle?

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Scheduling piano moves (and managing the logistics) is easy in Gazelle!

Step 1: Add Piano Moving services to your Master Service List using separate items for 'Pick Ups' and 'Drop Offs'.

Step 2: Instruct customers to schedule each event separately (First pickup, then drop off). Then approve or decline these two events as a group.

Step 3: Share your moving calendar with your crew.

Step 4: Easily use Gazelle to manage everything.


The secret to scheduling piano moves in Gazelle is to make it so easy (and convenient) for your customers they choose to immediately start their scheduling process online instead of calling around to your competitors.

How do I handle "Pick-Up" and "Drop-Off appointments?

Scheduling separate "Pick-Up" and "Drop-Off" events in Gazelle is the easiest way to simplify all the logistics. You and your moving crew might think of piano moving as "one big event" (a pick up, loading / unloading the truck, travel between destinations, and drop-off or delivery); but to your customer scheduling these as separate pick up / drop off events makes it easier for them to conceptualize the logistics of each transport path.

How do I get customers to select the right services when they start their scheduling process online?

Just because a customer submits a reservation online doesn't mean you have to approve it right away. What it does mean is this, your customer suspended their search for a piano mover the moment they scheduled online with your company. At this point your team will have the opportunity to to verify their information (and any logistics required for this move) before ultimately confirming or declining this online reservation. The trick is to minimize any back and forth with the customer. The faster you can approve the reservation, the faster you can close the deal.

Here is an example for how you can present your moving services to make online scheduling easy for your customer (and easy for your team).

Empowering Customers

To help customers follow the right steps (and select the right service), put a note on the first page of your self-scheduler that reads something like this:

Copy/Paste Example Text:
"If you are scheduling a piano. move you will need to schedule your "Pick-Up" and "Drop-Off" separately. Start by scheduling a time for our crew to "Pick-Up" your piano, then refresh the page and schedule your "Drop-Off" time. Te ensure our crew brings the right people * equipment we will approve both reservations at the same time (after we review your appointment requests)"

Selecting Services

Suggestion: Sort your piano moving services from easiest (and most common) to the hardest (and unlikely) logistical challenge. Start with a "Base moving charge" and then create "Add-On" services to individually cover each logistical challenge. You don't need to list everything; just the most common scenarios and then provide an "Other" option where they can describe the details in the reservation notes.

Approving Reservations

When you receive a reservation quickly review the services, approve this as an unconfirmed appointment, and then use a saved message template in Gazelle to email the customer asking for pictures and any additional information you need to confirm the event on your calendar.

TIP: You can amend your quote (or cancel the appointment) if the customer replies with any details that don't align with the initial services they selected.

Using Personal Events for temporary pick-up locations.

If the 'Pick Up' (or 'Drop Off') location is different than the address on file for the customer, simply approve the online reservation then follow these steps:

1. If the piano is being picked up at a Piano Gallery/Store
Reassign the customer when you approve the reservation to the piano gallery/store's customer record you already have on file (often times the store representative will be the one scheduling the move, so they will self-select their address as the "Pick Up" location).

2. If the piano is being picked up at a "Seller's House"

Create a temporary customer record for the seller (you will need this to send the event notices to the seller anyway to make sure they are home when you arrive). The 'Pick Up' address will be linked to the seller, the 'Drop Off' address will be linked to your customer.

3. If the piano is coming from your your storage unit.

Tell your customer to only scheduled a "Drop Off" event. Your crew can easily load the piano on the trailer early that morning.

4. If the piano is being delivered to your your storage unit

Tell your customer to only scheduled a "Pick Up" event. Assign this event to their customer record and drop the piano off at your storage facility when it is convenient for your crew.

5. If the piano is being picked up or delivered to any address other than your customer's address (and your customer is controlling both ends of the move).
Use a personal event (with an address) for the location that is different than the one on their customer file; and use the customer's actual address that is on their customer record for the event that is happening at the location on their customer record.

How do I guide customers to schedule their "Pick-Up" and "Drop-off" on the same day?

Offer "Free Delivery" if the customer schedules 'Drop Off' on the same day, and charge appropriately so you make your money when you pick up the piano (rather than dividing the pick up and delivery costs between both parts of the move).

NOTE: When your customer uses Gazelle to self-schedule their move, if they schedule their "Pick-Up" event first, then scheduling the delivery on the same day is really easy. To make this easy for your customer set up your services in this way (see example below).

TIP: If for some reason they don't schedule delivery on the same day, then you can call them or send an invoice with a separate charge for having the piano delivered on a different day.

How do handle mileage charges for transit?

Easily make mileage charges one of your "Add On" charges that the customer selects as part of their "Drop-Off" event. On this item you can add a description like '...the first X miles are free; or whatever your travel policy is.

TIP: After the move is scheduled you can send the customer an invoice for the services you have approved; and charge for any extra incidentals after your crew completes the move.

How do I ensure my moving crew has enough time?

Every move requires a different amount of time to ensure the safety and success of each transport path. First, tell your crew lead to focus on safety, communication, and punctuality (in that order); then manage customer expectations by automating a message for all piano moving appointments on your calendar that says

"...our crew lead will call if they are running more than X minutes behind schedule".

This will keep your crew happy and focused on delivering a safe & successful experience; and your customers will be happy because they are informed and prepared when your crew arrives.

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