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Entering Apartment Numbers For Online Scheduling?
Entering Apartment Numbers For Online Scheduling?

How do I help customers properly format their address when they have an apartment number?

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Depending on your country, apartment numbers can be formatted by customers when they are self-scheduling their appointment.

Google Maps is expanding apartment formatting world wide, but as of the writing of this article it is only available in limited regions .

(Option 1) Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Instruct customers to format their apartment number using "Apt# / Street Address" formatting.

Example: using the mailing address of:
386 Young St,
Apartment #1022,
Toronto, ON, M5B 2H3

Google will recognize this address in Gazelle's self scheduler if it is input as "1022/386 Young St, Toronto, ON, M5B 2H3". (This method only works in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)

(Option 2) United States & all other countries:

Instruct new customers to enter their building number and put the apartment number (and parking instructions) in the appointment notes.

You can easily do this by customizing a special note on your self-scheduler. When you approve their reservation you can manually input their apartment number in "Address Line 2" on their customer file. Gazelle will remember this information for future use.

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