Allowing existing customers with unverifiable addresses to schedule using only the latitude / longitude for their location is easy.

Step 1: Relax your company's address validation rules.

Step 2: Create a customer record for this person.

Step 3: Input their real address on their customer record as the "Mailing Address".

Step 4: Input the latitude / longitude for their location as the "Street Address" (using the decimal coordinates xx.xxxxxx, -yy.yyyyyy formatting). Click Here to find your coordinates.

Step 5: Send them a message through Gazelle using the {{scheduling_link}} merge code to invite them to schedule.

Step 6: Approve their reservation.

NOTE: Customers who are not in your system cannot self-schedule using only latitude, longitude. Once they have a customer record on file with your company instruct your staff to input the latitude, longitude for their location as their "Street Address". Once you do this, your customer will be allowed to self-scheduling using a back-door in your online scheduler (but only if you have relaxed address validation enabled).

When customers click on the "Schedule Online Now" button generated by the {{scheduling_link}} merge code, they will be allowed to schedule using only a Latitude, -Longitude.

Lastly, you can approve their reservation keeping the Latitude, -Longitude as their default address to be used for scheduling.

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