Allowing existing customers with unverifiable addresses to schedule using only the latitude / longitude for their location is easy!


Step 1: Relax your company's address validation rules.

Step 2: Create a customer record for this person.

Step 3: Input their real address on their customer record as the "Mailing Address".

Step 4: Input the latitude / longitude for their location as the "Street Address" (using the decimal coordinates xx.xxxxxx, -yy.yyyyyy formatting). Click Here to find your coordinates.

Step 5: Send them a message through Gazelle that includes the {{scheduling_link}} merge code to invite them to schedule.

Step 6: Approve their reservation.

NOTE: Customers who are not in your system cannot self-schedule using only latitude, longitude. However, once you add someone to your system it creates the possibility for you to allow specific customers a back-door in your online scheduler that allows booking with only latitude, longitude..

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