If you message customers outside Gazelle (using products like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or other digital marketing products); and you want to mail merge in a personal "Book Now" button for your customers, this is easy to do by exporting your customer data and using a simple spreadsheet formula to create a private booking URL for your customers.

The private booking URL looks something like this: www.gazelleapp.io/abcdefgh/cli_xxxxxxxx The first part of the URL is your Gazelle public scheduling link, then a forward slash, followed by your customer's unique client iD.

Creating Your Customer's Private Booking URL

Step 1: Go to your calendar and copy your company's "Public Scheduling Link" by clicking click on the "Sharing" icon.

Step 2: Expert a copy of your client data data and open it in a spreadsheet app.
Step 3: Use a CONCATENATE function to create the Private Booking URL (i.e. join two cells together).

Step 4: Add an empty "Column B" to your sheet.

Step 5: Add an empty "Row 1" to your sheet.

Step 6: Add your Public Scheduling Link in cell B1.

Step 7: Join your "Public Scheduling Link" followed by the /cli_ID (See image 2 below)

Step 8: Mail merge the URL in column B along with the customer information into your mailing program.

Step 9: Done

In your spreadsheet follow these steps:

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