If you message customers outside Gazelle (using products like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or other digital marketing products); and you want to mail merge in a personal "Book Now" button for your customers, this is easy to do by exporting your customer data and using a simple spreadsheet formula to create a private booking URL for your customers.

The private booking URL looks something like this: www.gazelleapp.io/abcdefgh/cli_xxxxxxxx The first part of the URL is your Gazelle public scheduling link, then a forward slash, followed by your customer's unique Gazelle client iD 'cli_xxxxxxxx'.

Creating Your Customer's Private Booking URL

Step 1: Go to your calendar and copy your company's "Public Scheduling Link" by clicking on the "Sharing" icon (Image 1 below).

Step 2: Export a copy of your client data and open it in a spreadsheet app (image 2 below).

Step 3: Add an empty "Column B" and an empty" Row 1" to your sheet then follow steps 4-8 (shown in image 3 below).
Step 4: Paste your "Gazelle Scheduling Link" into cell B1

Step 5: Add your Public Scheduling Link in column B1 with a forward slash appended to the end of it.

Step 6: Following the steps in image 3 create a private booking link for each customer. To do this In 'Column B' use a CONCATENATE function to join two cells together. The two cells you are joining together are the public booking URL you just added in cell B1 and the data located in the Column A rows which are the individual "Client IDs" needed to create the private booking URL. Merging these two cells together will create your customer's Gazelle private booking link (Don't forget to add the forward slash to the end of your public booking URL in step 5)

Step 7: Mail merge the private booking URL created in column B along with any customer information you want to use in your mailing campaign.

Step 8: Done

In your spreadsheet follow these steps:

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