Customer File Overview

What information is stored on the customer file?

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Your Gazelle customer record organizes all the information you need in one place.

  • Basic contact information,

  • Pianos owned by this customer,

  • Past / Future Appointments for this customer,

  • Estimates and Invoices for this customer,

  • Info about their automated reminders; and

  • A timeline that logs all the activity for each customer record.


Step 1: Click 'Clients' from the main menu to view all clients
Step 2: Search for a client or filter the list.
Step 3: Click on any client to view their details
Step 4: Click '+New' in the main menu to create a new client.


Step 1: Tap on Menu > Clients
Step 2: Search for your client or filter the list.
Step 3: Tap on any client to view client details
Step 4: Tap the '+' icon in the footer to create a new customer record.

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