Customize Your Stripe Account's Name.

How to change the name of your Stripe account.

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Changing the account name for your Stripe account is easy! If you manage multiple Stripe accounts this Stripe 'Account name' will help you differentiate which one of your Stripe accounts are connected to Gazelle.


Step 1: Go to Gazelle's Settings > Payment Integrations.
Step 2: Click "Manage Your Stripe Account", this will take you to your connected Stripe account for Gazelle.
Step 3: In your Stripe account go to Settings > Account Details
Step 4: Change your Stripe 'Account Name'.
Step 5: Done.

Note: The Stripe 'Account Name' is for your internal purposes only. Your customers will only see your 'Public Company Name". So use this internal 'Account Name' to help identify your Gazelle connected Stripe account.

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